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Missouri Department of Mental Health – Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Add StationMD to your Individual Support Plan (ISP)

We are honored to provide our specialized telemedicine services throughout Missouri under the Waiver Service. This provides 24/7 access to emergency medicine physicians to address any non-life-threatening medical concerns or questions.

StationMD’s services are now eligible to be added to an individual’s ISP through the Health Assessment and Coordination Waiver Service. For more information on how to sign up for this important service, please see the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s memo HERE.

How can StationMD help you?

Our team of board certified physicians deliver superior medical care to people with I/DD in their homes through easy to use telehealth technology. Our physicians all have a special commitment to caring for people with I/DD and have dedicated training in this area.

We understand the difficulties in transporting a loved one to the emergency room (ER) and using StationMD helps to minimize these transports. A trip to the ER can be particularly frightening and disorienting as well as potentially exposes individuals to infection. The daily routine of meals, activities, sleeping, and medications is also disrupted. StationMD is quick and easy access to a highly specialized physician from the comfort of home 24 hours a day. The physician will be able to communicate with the individual, support staff, family members, and even personal physicians caring for an individual all at the same time. If a visit to the ER is needed, the StationMD physician will call the ER to provide the medical history and reason for the visit (e.g. x-ray only) to help expedite the process.

How to reach a StationMD doctor

Number One

Call Us

Step 1

Call 1-877-STATMDS (782-8637)
Our service will ask your name, address and date of birth to confirm your participation in the program. The StationMD doctor will then call you back.

Number 2


Step 2

The StationMD doctor will review the medical concern and ask any relevant medical history information.

Number 3

Exam & Treatment Plan

Step 3

The StationMD physician will then perform the exam. The StationMD physician may request to do a video visit through the StationMD App if available. After the exam, the StationMD physician will provide follow up instructions and send in any needed prescriptions to the pharmacy.

After each call made to StationMD, the physician note can be sent to you as well as to your primary care physician and any other relevant physicians.