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24/7 Urgent Care

Support Your Most Vulnerable Populations

24/7 Urgent Care

Station MD

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StationMD 24/7 Urgent Care




StationMD provides virtual 24/7 urgent care through board-certified specialists. Our dedicated team of telemedicine doctors can address any medical concerns.


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Providing 24/7 Urgent Care Services Via Telehealth

StationMD’s 24/7 Urgent Care Services are provided by our dedicated, board-certified, and specially trained doctors. The doctors are available immediately and at all times to address acute issues or any gap in care.

Clipboard with medical charts and a stethoscope belonging to a primarycare doctor

Telemedicine Outcomes

Consistently, we avoid transfer outside of the home for more than 85% of our 24/7 Urgent Care calls.

Clipboard with medical charts and a stethoscope belonging to a primarycare doctor
Urgent care doctor holding x-ray and taking notes

Continuity of Care

Our work goes beyond your average telemedicine. We provide formal documentation of each encounter and send to our client contacts. When desired, the individual’s primary care doctor can be updated via secure text or email.

On those occasions when a transfer to the ER or urgent care is unavoidable, the StationMD doctor communicates directly with the ER staff to streamline care and avoid unnecessary tests and admissions.

Our Doctors Can Address Any Medical Concern or Question

Acute Urgent Issues

Medication Refills & Questions

Behavioral Episodes

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