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Our Response to COVID-19

our response to covid 19

As all of you know, there is great concern about coronavirus (COVID-19). Much is still unknown. What is certain though, is that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and other vulnerable populations are at high risk. Exposure to the ER or a doctor’s waiting room at this time should be avoided whenever possible. This is true for both individuals in your care and for your staff.

At StationMD, we are dedicated to helping you minimize risk during this critical time. Our telemedicine service can help avoid unnecessary trips to outside medical providers. During the coronavirus crisis, we are keeping abreast on the latest CDC guidelines in order to keep your staff and your individuals safe.

In addition to the typical medical issues, please contact us for help with any of the following:

  • determining who needs to be tested
  • determining who needs hospital care
  • determining who needs isolation / quarantine

Please remember to continuously check both the CDC and WHO websites for the latest developments and advice.



Thank you to all who help care for this population, and for considering us to play a role in this important work.

Dr. Matthew Kaufman, CEO