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Did You Know? StationMD AfterCare Team for Post-Visit Follow-Up

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Did You Know?

Did you know that a visit with a StationMD doctor is often followed up by StationMD’s AfterCare team? StationMD’s AfterCare team is comprised of specially trained doctors and nurses who contact an individual and/or agency after an initial visit to check in and provide any follow up care that may be needed. This process ensures the highest quality of care is delivered and that individuals and support staff have an additional opportunity to interact with StationMD and ask any additional questions.

For example, if testing is ordered by the doctor, the AfterCare team will call the individual/agency back to help them understand the results and make certain that appropriate action(s) is taken.

At StationMD, it is our goal to help individuals in our care lead happy, independent, and healthier lives. Our AfterCare team is just another way we work towards reaching that goal.