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StationMD and Understaffed Emergency Departments

In many underserved areas, emergency departments are staffed by physicians who are not emergency medicine-trained. In some, the emergency department is staffed entirely by mid-level providers.

StationMD can provide video consultations 24 hours a day/7 days a week with a board-certified emergency medicine physician to establish a “back-up” when the mid-level provider, or non-emergency medicine doctor requires additional expertise on a case. This improves the level of care and expertise for the hospital’s emergency services.

The process is simple. The hospital provider has a concern a patient and wishes to escalate the expertise to an emergency physician. He/she logs on to StationMD on a laptop or tablet. The StationMD physician performs a history, examination and recommendation via video-conferencing technology. The recommendations are documented and formally entered into the patient’s chart.