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StationMD and the shared-risk models of reimbursement

StationMD is an ideal tool to save health care dollars by preventing unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital admissions/readmissions. Cutting down on these costly events translates into large savings on capitation and shared-risk/savings models of reimbursement. The quality of care and patient satisfaction improve as well. The emergency medicine encounter is, in effect, brought to the patient without the transfer to the emergency department. The trauma of transfer, exposure to infection and disruption of routine is potentially avoided for these often-fragile patients.

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs):

StationMD’s program at nursing facilities improves access to doctors and improves care, particularly during off-hours, when a physician is not on the premises.

Utilizing HIPPAA-compliant video-conferencing, StationMD’s emergency boarded physicians perform consultations upstream in the process, at the nursing facility itself. This prevents unnecessary transfers and admissions. Our secure video-conferencing system is augmented by sophisticated diagnostic tools including an electronic stethoscope that transmits heart, breath and abdominal sounds to the doctor via the internet. Our doctors work closely with the nursing staff at the nursing facility to provide the care the patient would otherwise get in the emergency room.

On many occasions, a condition can be adequately addressed by the StationMD doctor without transfer. When transfer is unavoidable, the StationMD physician communicates directly with the emergency doctor at the hospital in order to streamline care, prevent unnecessary tests and decrease chances of admission.

Families of patients in a nursing facility can be conferenced in to the video encounter, thereby seeing the doctor and his/her family member during the examination. This reassures the family that concerns are being adequately addressed in an immediate and thorough fashion.

Home Care Services

Homecare nursing services has become a pivotal tool in keeping patients at home and preventing unnecessary costs. Access to StationMD in this context can augment homecare in critical ways for these at-risk patients. In this process, if a visiting nurse or aid notes a concern, the first step is to contact a StationMD emergency physician for an immediate consultation.

Carrying a small, standard portable tablet device, a video conference encounter is initiated by the visiting nurse and an emergency medicine doctor evaluation is performed. This is done without the patient experiencing the hardship and risks of hospital transfer. Oftentimes an adjustment or treatment can be initiated by the StationMD doctor and transfer can be avoided. As with the SNF patients, if a hospital transfer is unavoidable, the StationMD physician communicates with the emergency department directly, thereby streamlining the work up, and decreasing the chances of admission. Better care is achieved while saving significant health care dollars.

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