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Frequently Asked Questions
What is telemedicine?
The American Telemedicine Association defines telemedicine as “the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status”. StationMD aims to help address patients’ health concerns and guide them to better health instantly. Using state of the art video conferencing technology, a patient can speak face to face with an Emergency Physician and receive the care they may need.
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When should one use a service like StationMD?
We at StationMD aim to provide our patients with quality health care from the comfort of their own homes or health care facilities. We envision StationMD as a supplement, but not a replacement, to the primary care provider. Our service is perfect for those instances when your doctor is unavailable or when the physician on duty is not readily available. The physicians at StationMD are all practicing Emergency Medicine physicians. They are well versed . at taking care of a myriad of health issues.
Some conditions patients use StationMD for include:
allergic reactions
Chf exacerbations
COPD exacerbations
extremity pain
urinary tract infections
skin infections
When should StationMD not be used?
Sometimes a condition requires more intensive treatment. All StationMD practitioners have extensive experience in emergency rooms across the Tri-State area, and we intimately understand when in-person examinations or interventions are necessary. Life threatening conditions such as significant chest pain, difficulty breathing, massive bleeding, acute weakness, severe headache, or passing out (syncope) are best treated in the emergency room.
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Who works at StationMD?
What are the doctors like at StationMD?
StationMD is staffed exclusively by US-trained emergency physicians. All of our doctors are US board certified and have trained at some of the most elite residency programs in New York. Many of our physicians have been awarded teaching awards and are well published. Each physician has been carefully chosen to provide the very best quality care.
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How much does a visit cost?
StationMD is designed to be one of the most affordable avenues to receive medical care. Pricing is negotiated individually with your employer or institution.
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Does StationMD care for children?
Yes. All of our physicians are well-trained to care for children of all ages.
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Is my visit with StationMD private?
Yes! StationMD uses state-of-the-art video conferencing technology that is HIPPAA compliant and provides the utmost in privacy and security. All of the patient doctor interactions are 100% confidential. The visits, notes, prescriptions and medical records are all compliant with stringent medical confidentiality laws.
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System Requirements

You will need a computer with camera and microphone (usually built in).
Use Internet Explorer or Safari for best experience.
On your first visit our website will prompt you to download a plug-in.
At this time mobile platforms are not supported,
we are actively working on providing this feature to our users in the future.

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